Debt Collection Solutions designed to Maximise Net Return


At Austral, we are committed to providing the best service by tailoring our processes to meet industry and client specific needs. We pride ourselves on providing effective debt recovery services


Customised Letters of Demand which prompt an immediate response.

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Legal Action

Demonstrated expertise in Defended and Undefended legal action.

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Field Calls

Our Field Agents are fully licensed and highly skilled with many years of experience. 

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On-line Access

State-of-the-art technology offering innovative solutions.

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TradeCollect is available exclusively to Australian QBE Trade Credit policyholders.

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Credit Documentation

Terms of Trade designed to improve your chances of recovery and lower the cost of collection.

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Insolvency Proceedings

We will lodge and serve  Bankruptcy and Wind Up proceedings to ensure that assets are secured.

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General Legal Advice

All advice, representations and recommendations we make will be in your best interest.

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