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Local Government
Austral offers payment management with a difference by providing a complete Rates Management service and works closely with our clients to understand their organisation and community to provide the solutions they require. 

Our experienced team works hard to deliver a consistently good experience and is always looking for ways to adapt processes to help ensure your community is treated with respect while delivering a great outcome. So while we work with the community delivering payment management services, you can focus on what you do best and provide the services the community needs with confidence.

We understand that executive committees are under a lot of pressure to not only be responsive to the requests of the owners corporation for day-to-day maintenance, but also to ensure the property does not deteriorate. Strata managers are in turn under pressure to carry out all functions required of them which relies on adequate funds in the trust account, including emergency repairs.

We work with strata managers each step of the way to help ensure relationships with each owner remains professional, secure and profitable.

Allow your patient to manage payment of their overdue account in the privacy of their own home.

We understand the importance of recovering outstanding fees quickly and with sensitivity. Austral provides specialised debt recovery services to organisations within the medical sector.  We are committed to meeting the changing needs of the industry and the evolving demographic profile. 

High Volume Portfolios
If you need to manage high volume portfolios then Austral Payment Management Services is designed to help you. We provide payment management services across a diverse range of industries, primarily insurance, government, financial services, medical, education, strata, utilities corporation and trade commercial sectors.

With the ability to manage high volume automated phone calls, white label correspondence (letter, email & SMS) you can be assured that all of your customers are managed in a professional and friendly manner.